1. I miss my parents.
2. I miss the hugs and kisses of my parents.
3. I miss my brother.
4. I miss my cats.
5. I miss my friends πŸ‘‰ highschool friends, πŸ‘‰college friends,πŸ‘‰Law friends, (Mafian’s, SF, 1845, charmed girls, Belcanto, Salbatuta, gangster & etc.)
6. I miss our cars.
7. I miss my room especially my makeups. ✌
8. I miss our neighborhoods.
9. I miss going out to the market (padian) with my mother dear.
10. I miss all my Suki in Padian πŸ‘….
11. I miss all my professors.
12. I miss MSU.
13. I miss my cousins & relatives.
14. I miss praying fajr where my father is our imam.
15. I miss discussing with my father.
16. I miss the prophecies storytelling of my mother.
17. I miss our Karaoke.
18. I miss cleaning and washing dishes at home. πŸ‘…πŸ‘…
19. I miss the fresh air of Lanao.
20. I miss eating Sedap and drinking coffee at home.
21. I miss reading novels.
22. I miss Bakas, arwan, palapa and etc)
23. I miss listening to adhan (prayer calling) of the the entire city every prayer time.
24. I miss over-sleeping.
25. I miss watching DVDs whole day (Korean movies).
26. I just miss everybody and everything.

πŸ‘‰I don’t like it here… Staying whole day and whole night inside our room. I can’t go out not because I don’t want to, (god knows how much I want to roam around the metro) but I cannot do so because I needed to do and give all the best that I can be for the sake of this so called ambition. πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
πŸ‘‰ I even haven’t tried to go to the places where i wanted to go (probinsyana thing).

πŸ‘‰as the bar is nearly approaching… Double the effort and hardworking must be done.

πŸ‘‰Please pray not only for me but to all those who will take the exams…(board or bar).

πŸ‘‰May Allah help us all and bless us with the goodness of this world and the hereafter.